Ways to Save on X-MAN® Isogenic Cell Line Licenses

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Ways to Save on X-MAN® Isogenic Cell Line Licenses

Horizon’s menu of X-MAN® Isogenic Cell Lines can become even more accessible in a number of ways:

Commit to a longer license term and receive progressive savings (Commercial customers only):

License TermPercentage Savings
6 months N/A
1 year 0%
2 year 7%
3 year 12%
4 year 18%
5 year 23%

Note, invoicing for multi-year licenses is done annually.

Benefit from a Discount on your order (Commercial customers only):

Note, the maximum cumulative discount for any order is 50%.

Consider additional cell lines for your experiments:

# Cell LinesDiscount
2-5 10% off on cell line order
6-10 20% off on cell line order
11-25 30% off on all additional (over 10) cell lines in order
26-50 35% off on all additional (over 25) cell lines in order
50+ 45% off on all additional (over 50) cell lines in order

Additional Ways to Save:

Referral Bonus:

Refer another customer to Horizon (let us know before they order) and receive 25% off of your next cell line order.

Collaboration discount (Academic customers only):

We understand the collaborative nature of academia and that sharing cell lines is an important feature in the community. This is why, although an academic collaborator must purchase a license from Horizon to use the cell lines,  we allow the collaborator to get 25% off their cell line license, and grant the primary lab a 25% discount off of their next cell line order.

Please contact us if you are unsure if this discount applies to you.


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