Translational Research Base

Horizon is engaged in a number of multi-national, grant-funded collaborative research projects dedicated to showing scientific leadership in the fields of translational genomics and personalized medicine.

COLTHERES is a consortium of EU clinical centers and translational researchers founded in 2011 which has received €6M of core funding from the EU 7th-Framework (FP7) program to define and perform biomarker driven clinical trials that improve cancer therapy outcomes. The 4 year program is using comprehensively molecularly-annotated colon cancers to define specific biomarkers of response or resistance to signalling pathway agents.


PREDICT is a consortium of EU-clinical centers and translational researchers founded in 2011 which has received €6M of core funding from the EU 7th-Framework (FP7). The 4 year program is identifying predictive biomarkers to approved agents in renal cancer with anti-angiogenic activity for which no reliable biomarkers currently exist.


4DCellFate is a consortium of EU stem cell, genome-editing and translational medicine researchers, founded in 2012, which has received €6M of core funding from the EU 7th-Framework (FP7). This 4 year program is laying the foundations for understanding the role of PRC/NuRD complexes in embryonic stem cell differentiation and cancer, and specifically in leukemogenesis. Eight academic labs, three research-intensive small companies, and GSK, are contributing resources to ensure that project results can be translated into new ways to control complex diseases.


SeaBioTech is a consortium of EU drug discovery researchers founded in 2012 who have received €6M of core funding from the EU 7th-Framework (FP7).  The 4 year program aims to generate a discovery platform capable of converting the potential of marine biotechnology into novel industrial products for the pharmaceutical (human and aquaculture), cosmetic, functional food and industrial chemistry sectors.


CVGenes@Target is a consortium of European SME’s, clinical and research groups founded in 2013 who have received €5.8M core funding from the EU 7th-Framework (FP7) to investigate the molecular mechanisms of coronary artery disease (CAD) and stroke. This 3 year project aims to unravel causal genes and discover whether they are potential therapeutic targets. The consortium then aims to use high throughput screening methods to identify novel drug candidates for the treatment of CAD and stroke.


INSIGHT is a consortium of translational genomics researchers founded in 2012 which received £0.5M from the Eurostars grant program funded by EU 7th-Framework (FP7). The program is exploring a novel class of inherited and somatic non-coding mutations associated with cancer causation. Once their biological role and mechanisms in cancer have been confirmed or elucidated, these disease models will be made available to the wider research community and profiled (by Horizon) for all known existing cancer drugs that may target these genetic variations, to discover potential new therapeutic options for patients.

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