Gene-Editing Evolved – Combining CRISPR, rAAV and ZFNs for Maximum Versatility and Minimal Hassle

Category: Research Services



Presenter:  Dr. Chris Lowe, R&D Director, Cell Line Engineering, Horizon Discovery 

Genomic advances in preceding decades have led to a wealth of information on the genetic basis of disease. One way to leverage this information is through development of in vitro cell line models in which patient-relevant mutations are precisely recapitulated, allowing novel drug target identification and validation, and the realisation of personalised therapies.

In this webinar we discuss Horizon’s gene-editing platform GENESIS and our custom cell line development service, including selecting the right tool for the right targeting outcome, systematic optimisation of the GENESIS™ platform, combining CRISPR, ZFNs and rAAV technologies to improve targeting efficiency, and advanced experimental design for knock-ins.

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