Activity of EGFR, mTOR and PI3K inhibitors in an isogenic breast cell line model

Author: Sharon Glaysher, Louise M Bolton, Penny Johnson, Ch...

Source: BioMed Central 2014


mTOR Signaling Feedback Modulates Mammary Epithelial Differentiation and Restrains Inva...

Author: Susmita Ghosh, Lidenys Varela and Akshay Sood

Source: American Association for Cancer Resea...


Megabase-scale deletion using CRISPR/Cas9 to generate a fully haploid human cell line

Author: Patrick Essletzbichler, Tomasz Konopka and Federica...

Source: Genome Research 2014


Synthetic lethality of PARP and NAMPT inhibition in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Author: Ilirjana Bajrami, Asha Kigozi, Antoinette Van Wever...

Source: EMBO Mol Med 2012


Multiple Metabolic Alterations Exist in Mutant PI3K Cancers, but Only Glucose Is Essent...

Author: Rebecca Foster, Sue Griffin, Suzanne Grooby, Ruth F...

Source: PLOS ONE 2012


The impact of CRISPR–Cas9 on target identification and validation

Author: Jonathan D. Moore

Source: Drug Discovery Today 2015


Development of human gene reporter cell lines using rAAV mediated homologous recombination

Author: Sandra L. Fernandez, David W. Russell and Peter J. ...

Source: Biological Procedures Online 2007


Double nicking by RNA-guided CRISPR Cas9 for enhanced genome editing specificity

Author: F. Ann Ran, Patrick D. Hsu, Chie-Yu Lin, Jonathan S...

Source: National Institutes of Health 2014


Ku70, an essential gene, modulates the frequency of rAAV-mediated gene targeting in hum...

Author: Farjana J. Fattah, Natalie F. Lichter, Kazi R. Fatt...

Source: PNAS 2008


AAV-mediated gene targeting methods for human cells

Author: Iram F Khan, Roli K Hirata and David W Russell

Source: National Institutes of Health 2013


Ku Regulates the Non-Homologous End Joining Pathway Choice of DNA Double-Strand Break R...

Author: Farjana Fattah, Eu Han Lee, Natalie Weisensel, Yong...

Source: PLOS Genetics 2010


Large-Scale Analysis of Adeno-Associated Virus Vector Integration Sites in Normal Human...

Author: Daniel G. Miller, Grant D. Trobridge, Lisa M. Petek...

Source: American Society for Microbiology 2005


A role for XLF in DNA repair and recombination in human somatic cells

Author: Farjana Jahan Fattah, Junghun Kweon, Yongbao Wang, ...

Source: Elsevier 2014


AAV Vectors, Insertional Mutagenesis, and Cancer

Author: David W Russell

Source: The American Society of Gene Therapy ...


Biogenesis of Y RNA-derived small RNAs is independent of the microRNA pathway

Author: Francisco Esteban Nicolas, Adam E. Hall, Tibor Csor...

Source: Federation of European Biochemical So...


Zinc-finger nuclease mediated disruption of Rag1 in the LEW/Ztm rat

Author: Nils-Holger Zschemisch, Silke Glage, Dirk Wedekind,...

Source: BioMed Central 2012


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