CRISPR Screening

CRISPR Screening

Power up your discovery pipeline with Horizon CRISPR screening

crispr screening

CRISPR Screening Services

Horizon offers comprehensive CRISPR screening services from screen design and cell line selection to sophisticated bioinformatics analysis of the screen results. Our best-in-class CRISPR KO (knockout), CRISPRi (interference) and CRISPRa (activation) screening platforms can significantly advance our customers’ drug development programs by offering the highest quality and highest confidence in their screening results.

Types of CRISPR Screen

Our expertise includes whole-genome and custom targeted drug resistance and sensitivity screens, synthetic lethality target discovery screens and complex biomarker screens. We have optimized 50+ cell lines for CRISPR screening and have completed over 200 screens to date.

We offer a choice of CRISPR screen types depending on the expression effect you require:

  • CRISPR KO screening with complete loss of gene expression provides the maximal window for phenotypic effect and high statistical power for hit discovery.
  • CRISPRi screening represses expression rather than completely knocking out the target gene and is ideally suited to study druggability and to evaluate the function of genes that when knocked-out are essential or that are amplified.
  • CRISPRa screening amplifies gene expression in its endogenous context and enables for the first time, to study activation-linked responses on genome-wide level.

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