OncoSignature High Throughput Screening Platform

Reveal the antiproliferative signature of your compounds as single agents or in combination across 300 cancer cell lines.

The OncoSignature HT Standard Offering allows you to profile your compounds of interest as mono or combination therapies across a comprehensive panel of up to 300 cancer cell lines in 3 months.

  • Study drug response
  • Identify combination interactions
  • Aid in identifying the best patient population for your drug candidate or drug combination
  • Identify responder and non-responder cell lines

Offering Specifics

  • Screen across a diverse, clinically relevant 300 cell line panel or a more focused, tissue-specific panel such as lung, lymphoma, head & neck, or breast
  • Cell lines grown in vendor-recommended media
  • 10 point, 3-fold dilution for single compounds
  • 9x9 full dose response matrix for compounds in combination
  • 72, 96, 120, or 144 h treatment times
  • Growth Inhibition measured by ATP levels

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You will receive:

Single AgentsCombinations 
 Dose response curve  Dose matrix
 Doubling time Model scores including Synergy Score, Loewe Volume Score, Bliss Volume Score, and ~5 additional combination models
 IC50 and GI50
 Maximum response and more

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