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Swift Biosciences

Incorporation of the Quantitative Multiplex HDx Reference Standard in the Accel-Amplicon 56G Oncology Panel will allow users to validate the panel for use for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications in their lab, speeding the set-up time and providing a competitive edge to Swift Biosciences over its competitors. 

Timothy Harkins, CEO at Swift Biosciences: “At Swift we are committed to developing novel enabling technologies for challenging next generation sequencing applications. We are opening possibilities for the community to sequence and characterise heavily damaged and very limited samples. The addition of Horizon’s reference materials to the Accel-Amplicon Panel offers an invaluable method for our customers to validate their NGS findings.”  

Read the press release: Horizon Discovery Partners with Swift Biosciences on Genomic Reference Standards for NGS Oncology Applications


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Incorporation of HDx Reference Standards has enabled CareDx to progress through regulatory hurdles. CareDx’s cfDNA test is designed to monitor injury to transplanted organs, in particular heart and kidney in transplant recipients to allow clinicians to better manage patient health outcomes.

Dr. John J. Sninsky, CSO of CareDx: “I have been working with Horizon’s scientists for more than five yearsand am continually impressed by their understanding of diagnostic requirements. At CareDx, it is our goal to accelerate patient access to clinical data using next generation sequencing technology. This collaboration with Horizon has the potential to advance us to this goal, and demonstrates CareDx’s continued quality and regulatory leadership.

Read the press release: CareDx and Horizon Discovery Group Enter into a Collaboration for Development of Cell-Free DNA Reference Standards


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Incorporation of HDx Reference Standards enables ArcherDX to offer consistency and accuracy for rare biomarkers. The hard-to-find ALK, RET, ROS1 used in ArcherDX's test are found in approximately 3–7% of lung tumours and are an important clinical marker for non-small cell lung cancer.

Dr Jason Myers, CEO of ArcherDX: “The three genes in this particular FusionPlex assay can be oncogenic drivers in lung cancer, which makes them great candidates for targeted therapies. The low incidence rates of these mutations make it difficult for laboratories to find renewable sources of controls.  By combining HDx Reference Material with the Archer panel, we are able to offer a method to ensure consistency and accuracy.” 

Read the press release: Horizon Discovery Group plc and ArcherDX Sign OEM Agreement 


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