Reference Standards

The leading innovator of cell-line derived reference material

More confident NGS assay development, validation and monitoring with multiple onco-variants blended together.

For use in targeted DNA panels, RNA fusion detection, exome sequencing, ctDNA detection and whole genome sequencing.

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Improved validation and monitoring with single mutations available in either genomic DNA or FFPE formats.

Identify and control variability in the performance of your workflows and assays with our independent external controls.

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Referenced for use by manufacturers:

Illumina - TruSight 15, TruSight 26, TruSight Myeloid, TruSight 170, TruSight 15 cfDNA and MiniSeq.

Qiagen - QIAseq library prep, GeneReader NGS and QIAseq™ Targeted RNAscan Panel.

IonTorrent - Oncomine Focus assay, Oncomine Lung cfDNA Assay and Ion S5 XL System

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The emergence of liquid biopsies and non-invasive progression monitoring has resulted in the development of many new cell-free DNA assays.

Developed using clinically-relevant mutations to give you full control of your cfDNA workflow, reducing the likelihood of a false negative or positive due to incorrect assay loading

Available in synthetic and cell free DNA formats

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Characterized reference materials derived from the Genome in a Bottle (GIAB) Consortium provide greater insight into the human genome.

Compare your data with the crowd-source community data, collected as part of the Personal Genome Project (PGP).

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Use our FISH reference material to accurately detect the presence or absence of DNA sequences on chromosomes.

Optimize and monitor performance of your FISH assay set up with our biomarker specific or multimarker formats.

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For those who want a different specification to those offered in our catalog, our custom reference standards provide you with the option of customizing reference material uniquely into multiple different analytes and formats.

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A consistent source of positive and negative reference material on one slide offering of an industry standard for development and quality control of Immunohistochemistry assays, directly improving the accuracy and reproducibility.

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