Custom Model Generation

Custom Model Generation

Let us design your ideal animal model with our custom model generation service


Looking for a CRISPR mouse or rat model not included in our existing model catalog?

Horizon Discovery's in vivo custom model generation specialists can work with you to design and deliver a genetically engineered animal model to your exact specifications, using our CRISPR-Cas9* or Zinc Finger Nuclease technologies**, in as few as 4 months.

Beyond constitutive gene knockouts, we offer more sophisticated project types - humanized, conditional knockouts, point mutations and reporter tagging.

*licensed by The Broad Institute, ERS Genomics and Harvard

**licensed by Sigma-Aldrich

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Your custom model generation project with Horizon Discovery includes:

  • Exclusive options
    - humanized, knockin and knockout mice, rats and rabbits, any strain
  • F1 breeding pair delivered in as few as 5 months
  • Guaranteed germline transmission
  • Donor plasmid design, construction and validation for knockin models
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Fully documented, formal project reports
Project Timelines

Typical timelines for animal model generation (in months):

Animal ModelMouseRatRabbit

Constitutive Knockout

6 6 12

Conditional Knockout

9 9 -

Humanized Knockin

8 8 12


5 5 -

* Stable gene expression Safe Habor Locus (Rosa26)

Supporting Materials

Download our whitepaper on the advantages of using CRISPR/Cas9 for animal model generation.

Read the CRISPR custom models whitepaper

Animal Research Models of Human Disease

As CRISPR-Cas9 and ZFN technologies directly enable targeted mutagenesis at the single cell stage, embryonic stem cells are not required - making custom model generation much faster and without background strain limitations.

These technologies are utilized to generate sequence-specific double-strand breaks that are repaired by error-prone Non-Homologous End Joining (NHEJ) or high-fidelity homologous recombination (HR).

Custom gene editing in rodents

Custom model quotation

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