Rodent Shipping Containers

Rodent Shipping Containers


Horizon now offers high quality plastic shipping containers. These containers are far superior to cardboard boxes for excellent protection against:

  • Contaminants
  • Breakage
  • Leakage
  • Autoclave cleaning

Developed for shipping your mice or rat research models more safely.

*Rodent Shipping Container 5 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings

Small Container

Small shipping container for rats and mice

Small Container Set (Z683191-1EA)

  • 17.75" long x 9" wide x 6" deep
  • 159 total square inches
  • Configurable up to 2 compartments
  • Includes:
    - 1 container
    - 1 lid
    - 1 divider
  • Supplied with 1 set of labels (1 large closure sticker, 2 small closure stickers, 2 live animal stickers)

Large Container

Shipping containers for rodents

Large Container Set (Z683183-1EA)

  • 20" long x 14.75" wide x 7" deep
  • 295 total square inches
  • Configurable up to 4 compartments
  • Includes:
    - 1 container
    - 1 lid
    - 1 divider
  • Supplied with 1 set of labels (1 large closure sticker, 2 small closure stickers 2 live animal stickers)

Recent review
J Grisafi - "I just shipped in 2 rats across the US in this crate. They even got stuck overnight at the airport due to bad weather and arrived perfectly to me. I really like the design of the crate and plan to use the larger one in the future"

Shipping Animal Models

Recommended* for mice and rat research models, the patented design also ensures unsurpassed convenience and ease of handling at every stage whilst en route from or to your lab. Capacity limits may vary depending on the size of your rodent, please contact our team for advice and to place orders.

Container Specifications

  • Meets IATA (International Air Transport Association) specifications
  • All-plastic construction: box, lid, dividers and filter medium
  • Superior airflow via patented engineered openings
  • Filtration Media - Spunbond Polypropylene - 170 cfm/ft
  • Autoclavable - 2 cycles maximum recommended up to 126ºC, 20 minutes maximum
  • Easily stackable for material handling and transportation, with integral spacers to ensure proper air circulation
  • Clear plastic windows enables at-a-glance inspection of animals
  • Positive open/close lid facilitates animal insertion/removal
  • Interior rim provides a barrier that keeps animals in their compartments
  • Manufactured in the USA

Horizon rodent shipping containers are ideal for transporting your next in vivo model, find out more about:

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