HAP1 Cells

Attributes and characterization of HAP1 cells:

Species: Human
Growth: Adherent
Morphology: Fibroblast-like
Derived from: Male Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) cell line KBM-7

HAP1 cells are near-haploid, having a single copy of nearly every chromosome.

hap1 cells

HAP1 Cell Line

Below are links to further resources for HAP1 cell lines including background and examples of their use. Detailed characterization is also available, including whole genome and RNA sequencing

How do I culture the HAP1 cells?

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HAP1 cell line Frequently Asked Questions

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HAP1 cells characterization, whole-genome sequence and transcriptome analysis

HAP1 Cell Line Characterization

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Why are HAP1 cells a great option as a gene edited cell line model?

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