C57Bl/6 Inbred Mouse


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C57BL/6NTac/Aai: BR

C57BL/6NTac/Aai: BR

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Technical Information
The C57BL mouse is one of the most widely used strains in both animal research and the development of mutant mouse lines. Classified as an inbred, C57BL/6 results from a crossing of no fewer than 20 consecutive generations of brother-sister matings, which allows the offspring to possess both genetic and phenotypic uniformity.

Technical Data

Diet Value
LabDiet #5P13 (Trudeau)
Health Report
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Research Applications

Research Application
• Genetics
• Developmental biology
• Immunology
• Neurobiology
• Cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes
• Obesity
Research Area
Outbred/Inbred Models


• Coat color: black
• Most common inbred strain to induce mutation
• High alcohol and morphine preference
• Low incidence of mammary tumors
• Resistance to audiogenic seizures
• High susceptibility to diet-induced atherosclerosis
• High incidence of microphthalmia
• Susceptibility to chronic ulcerative dermatitis
• Susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss
• Resistance to radiation
• Resistance to anaphylactic shock
• Age-related hearing loss is common at 12-18 months of age
• Average litter size of 6-8 pups and weaning occurs at 20 days of age
Figure 1
C57Bl/6 Inbred Mouse - Figure 1
Figure 1: C57BL/6 age/weight curve
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Additional Information


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