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BCRP plays a protective role in neurotoxicity by limiting the efflux of xenobiotics into the brain. Homozygous null rats demonstrate increased exposure in the brain and plasma when dosed with BCRP-specific substrates.

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LabDiet #5R24 (RMH2500)
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Research Applications

Research Application
• DMPKEfflux assay
• Neurotoxicology
• Formulation Blood brain barrier efflux
• Drug-drug interactions
• Tissue distribution
• Efficacy assay
Research Area
Efflux Transporters


• Biallelic 588 bp deletion within Abcg2 gene
• Homozygous knockouts display total loss of protein via Western blot
• Increased oral bioavailability of BCRP-specific substrates
Background Strain: Sprague-Dawley
Figure 1
Bcrp Knockout Rat - Figure 1
Figure 1: Dantrolene level of Bcrp (-/-) and wild type rats 2 hours after treatment (nM/g)
Figure 2
Bcrp Knockout Rat - Figure 2
Figure 2: Oral absorption of sulfasalazine
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