Horizon Discovery product included in The Scientist ‘Top 10 Innovations’ list for fourth year running


HAP1 Tagged - The Scientist Top 10 Innovations 2016

  • Horizon's TurboGFP tagged HAP1 has been included in The Scientist's Top 10 Innovations of 2016
  • Horizon now has four of these innovation award winning products in its portfolio

Cambridge, UK, 05 December 2016: Horizon Discovery Group plc (LSE: HZD) ("Horizon"), the world leader in the application of gene editing technologies, today announced leading industry publication The Scientist has included one of its portfolio products in its ‘Top 10 Innovations’ list for the fourth year in a row.

The latest product to have been chosen by a panel of expert judges to be included in The Scientist’s Top 10 innovations, Horizon’s TurboGFP tagged HAP1 cell lines, enables researchers to study proteins at the endogenous level in live cell assays. The cells combine three leading technologies: CRISPR Cas9 gene editing; the HAP1 cell line; and TurboGFP™, an early maturation fluorescence protein from Evrogen.

Although gene editing techniques and technologies are now readily available, the processes are still not straightforward, and can be costly in terms of time and resources. All of the award-winning products in Horizon’s portfolio have been designed to provide researchers with access to the latest gene editing technologies, effectively democratising gene editing. These products enable scientists to quickly confirm their findings or advance their theories using Horizon’s highly characterised gene-edited cell lines.

Dr. Darrin M. Disley, Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Discovery Group, commented: “We are delighted that cutting edge technology provided by Horizon, a Cambridge based biotech, is being recognised at the international level, and is assisting scientists worldwide to further their research. To have products included in the Top 10 Innovations of the year for the fourth time illustrates Horizon’s continued dedication to innovation, and developing world leading gene editing products and services.”

Daniel Lackner

Dr. Daniel Lackner, Lead Scientist behind the TurboGFP tagged HAP1 technology, said: “The two strongest points for these reporter cell lines are: A) Endogenous tagging allows for protein expression at physiological levels avoiding over-expression artefacts and B) all of the protein of interest will carry the fluorescent tag.

Consequently, these reporter cells could really impact the study of protein localization, as accurate reporters in high-throughput screening approaches, especially for live cell assays.”

Horizon’s track record in The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations awards is as follows:

X-Man Reporter Kits 2013
HAP1 Knockouts 2014
HAP1 Deletions 2015
HAP1 Tagged 2016

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Details of the other 2016 Top 10 Innovation award winners have been published today by The Scientist.

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