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Highly characterized human cell lines that use CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing to disable genes of interest. Over 4000 gene targets represented in our ready to ship catalogue

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The fastest custom generation service, with design to delivery capabilities.  Off the shelf KO models available including exclusive optogenetics. Expanding range of high fidelity PDX models

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Our expertise comes from over 4000 gene modifications completed across many cell types.  We apply this core capability to deliver innovative scientific solutions; across functional & translations genomics, drug discovery and development. 

Combined with IP coverage, our experience across gene editing technologies means we have an agnostic approach. 

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rAAV uses an exchange of nucleotide sequences to enable insertion, deletion or replacement of DNA sequences in cells. Unlike other methods this is achieved without causing a double strand DNA break.  

rAAV can be over 1,000 times more efficient at gene-targeting than plasmid-based methods and is an excellent tool for the generation of knockins, or any modifications that should involve a single allele.

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ZFNs are engineered DNA binding proteins that can be designed to bind to a variety of DNA sequences by introducing a double stranded break at a specified location in the genome. This technique is particularly effective at knocking out gene function.

This technology is licensed for use in custom in vivo gene-editing projects.

Zinc Finger Nucleases


Transposons are segments of chromosome that can be transposed to a new location within the DNA of a host cell. Transposon mutagenesis, or transposition mutagenesis, is a biological process that interrupts or changes cell DNA causing loss or gain of gene function or mutation.

This technique has been adapted for use in the laboratory as a method of gene editing.



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