Sprague-Dawley Outbred Rat


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Aai: N (SD) BR

Aai: N (SD) BR

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Technical Information
The outbred multipurpose model of choice is the Sprague-Dawley rat. A general model for the study of human health and disease, this outbred rat serves as an excellent model for toxicology, reproduction, pharmacology and behavioral research areas.

Technical Data

Diet Value
DietLab #5R24 (RMH2500)Rats should be fed a commercial rat or rodent diet and water ad lib. These diets are nutritionally complete and do not require supplementation.Food intake is approximately 5g/100g BW/day; water intake is approximately 10-12ml/100g BW/day
Age Weight Curve
Health Report
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Research Applications

Research Application
• Toxicology
• Reproduction
• Behavioral studies
• Pharmacology
• Neurology
• Aging
• Diet-induced obesity
• Nutrition
• Safety and efficacy tests
Research Area
Outbred/Inbred Models


• Color: Albino
• Average litter size is 6-12 pups weighing -6 grams at birth
• Adult body weight: 250-300 g (female); 450-520 g (male)
• Lifespan: 2-3.5 years
Figure 1
Sprague-Dawley Outbred Rat - Figure 1
Figure 1: Sprague-Dawley age/weight curve

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