Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization

Comprehensive Imaging Services: From perfusion to microscopy

Horizon offers comprehensive immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) imaging services to allow you to quickly visualize your target protein or transcript in its native setting. Verify the expression pattern in your SAGE rat or mouse model or uncover differential expression in one of our knockout rat disease models.

Services available:

  • Fluorescent or chromogenic IHC or ISH of single target
  • Double fluorescent IHC
  • Combination fluorescent IHC/ISH

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You receive:

  • Report including fluorescent microscopy images of target proteins/transcripts in up to three subregions of target tissue at three magnifications
  • Microscopy slides for archive/further analysis
  • Complete protocol of method and materials

Included in the service:

  • Perfusion of 3 genetically modified and 3 control rats or mice
  • Excision of one standard tissue from perfused animals
  • Cryosection of tissue at 15 micron thickness
  • Sections distributed into 5 series
    • Primary antibody(s) (provided by customer*) or ISH probe optimized at 3 different concentrations
    • Conjugated secondary antibodies
    • All associated reagents
    • Positive and negative controls
    • Fluorescent or light microscopy and analysis

*Horizon Discovery can procure primary antibody on behalf of the customer for an additional charge

Figure 1. Combination of tyrosine hydroxylase (Th) antibody immunofluorescent staining (red) with Cre mRNA in situ hybridization (Green) in rat brain sections. Whereas no Cre signal is observed with anti-sense Cre probe in wild type rat or with Cre sense probe in Th-Cre knock-in rat, strong Cre signal co-localizes with Th in dopaminergic neurons in the knock-in rat brain.

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