Apoptosis Assays

Accurate analysis of cell killing capacity of your compound

Apoptosis is highly regulated process that is essential for the development and the homeostasis of all multicellular organisms. It is also a mechanism of tumour suppression, and failure to undergo apoptosis and destroy aberrant cells is a key element of cancer. An excess level of apoptosis is found certain pathologies such as in neurodegenerative diseases or autoimmunity. Horizon offers several assays and techniques that can assess the different stages of apoptosis:

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Why use apoptosis assays in drug development?

  • Standard end point proliferation assays do not allow for accurate analyses of the cell killing capacity of compounds, i.e. they do not clearly differentiate between cytostatic and cytotoxic compounds
  • Apoptosis is a highly dynamic process that can be missed if the wrong time-point is selected in a single readout assay
  • Monitoring apoptosis induction over time provides useful data that can be applied to follow-up assays to study apoptotic cascade

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