In Vitro Assay Services

Cell Based Assays

Our scientists are experts in the development and application of cell based assays for drug discovery projects and similar research. In addition to standard cell survival and proliferation assays, we can carry out co-culture assays to model the tumour microenvironment, analyse the effects of hypoxia through the use of spheroid assays or low oxygen incubators, grow cells in soft agar for medium throughput assessment of viability and proliferation, and examine senescence and autophagy induction.

Our ready-made and custom cell lines can be used in these assays and in oncology compound profiling, target validation and mechanism of action studies, patient stratification, and understanding disease biology.

We will work closely with you to design suitable studies to ensure that we address your scientific questions, and will aid with data interpretation where needed, thereby maximizing the success of your projects with us.

How does our service work?

In Vitro Assay Offering

Cell Growth AssaysStandard Mechanistic assaysSpecialist AssaysAssays for Target Validation

Cell viability

Apoptosis assays

3D assays (spheroids, Matrigel, etc.)

siRNA and CRISPRi knockdown

Colony formation

Cellular ELISA


CRISPR-Cas9 knockout and knock in

Soft agar

Invasion and migration assays

Tubulin polymerisation assay

CRISPR-Cas9 Target Essentiality Screening

Combination drug assays

Reporter cell lines

Senescence assays

RNA, cell pellet and lysate  preparation

Live cell imaging kinetic assays


Autophagy assays

Expression profiling
(qRT-PCR, western blots)



Reactive oxygen species assays



Angiogenesis assays







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