Drug Combination Screening

Drug Combination Screening

Rescue your lead compound with the benefit of combination


Horizon’s Drug Combination Screening Platform

Combination therapies are emerging as superior treatment options for many diseases, including oncology. Utilizing drug combinations, clinicians can boost efficacy of lead compounds or overcome drug resistance mechanisms.

  • Study combination drug responses to identify synergistic and antagonistic interactions
  • Compare drug activity with approved and emerging therapies
  • Access over 800 highly characterised cell lines to rationalise patient stratification decisions for your drug candidate
  • Ability to study small molecules, antibodies, and antibody drug conjugates

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Learn more about how you can use single and combination screening to power up your pipeline:

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Watch the video on CRISPR screens and their application in drug combination screening:

The Platform

We have spent more than a decade designing and refining our automated platform and proprietary Chalice software. With our platform, you can profile your compounds as single agents or combinations across hundreds of well-annotated cancer cell lines, and gain actionable insights in a short period of time.

Our HT combination screening platform operates by using sophisticated bioinformatics tools, which can assess drug or compound combinations over a defined range to look for synergistic or antagonistic effects. These may be observed either as an increase in the anti-proliferative or cell killing effect, or as potency shift such that lower dosages are required to see the same therapeutic effect.

Combination effects can manifest as efficacy boosts (orange line) or potency shifts (blue line)

Enhancer Screening Diagram

Once the effect of each compound as a single agent is removed, an Excess Matrix is generated that provides a simple visual representation of information about combination activity at the multiple concentrations and ratios of the two drugs and where synergies or antagonism can be seen.

Drug combination screening

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Working With Horizon
  • Over 10 years of experience in analysing over 10 million unique drug combinations
  • Cost-effective screening platform that delivers actionable insights in a short period of time
  • Experience in screening of small molecules, biologics and ADCs
  • Oncology focused compound library of over 250 approved drugs, emerging therapeutics and molecular probes
  • Customized treatment times and dosing regiments to more closely mirror in vivo studies
  • Proprietary Chalice™ software allows easy analysis and visualization of data
  • We are committed to the success of your project, working closely with you from project design through interpretation of the results

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Supporting Materials

ATL313, A Potent, and Selective A2A Agonist as a Novel Drug Candidate for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

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Identification of Combinatorial Drugs that Synergistically Kill Both Eribulin-Sensitive and Eribulin-Insensitive Tumor Cells

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Pharmacogenomic Investigation of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) Inhibitor Ibrutinib (PCI-32765): Drug Sensitivity in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Within a Tumor Microenvironment–Aligned High-Throughput Screen

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Our Cancer Cell Line Collection

  • Over 800 cell lines, 90% of which overlap with Cancer Cell Line Encyclopaedia (CCLE)
  • Cell lines are characterized for their suitability for HTS work including seeding densities and assay conditions to generate quality data
  • Cell lines are grown in vendor-recommended media
  • X-MAN® isogenic mutant and wild type cell pairs are also available for screening

Cell Line Collection

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