Types of Reference Standard

Types of Reference Standard


Horizon offers a wide range of Reference Standard product types to make sure our customers can easily access the control material most suited to their latest assay and format of their real clinical samples. Our extensive list of over 100 cell line-derived Reference Standards are organised into 7 distinct categories, so you can easily find the product you require.

Our 7 Reference Standard Product Types:

  • Multi-gene Multiplex
  • Cell-free DNA
  • Genome In A Bottle (GIAB)
  • Single-gene Multiplex
  • Single-gene Singleplex
  • OncoSpan
  • RNA fusion

Choosing the right product type

One of the most important criteria to check when selecting the best product type for use in your assay is the variant list of the Reference Standard. It is essential to choose a Reference Standard that;

  • Contains variants in a large proportion of the assay's gene targets
  • Contains variants with a similar allele frequency range to the assay's intended limit of detection
  • Contains similar variant tyes that are expected to be handled by the assay workflow (e.g. INDELs and CNVs)

Browse the variant lists in our list of product types to select the most appropriate Reference Standard for your assay.

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