Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing

Q-Seq HDx™ NGS controls for workflow validation


Routinely Monitor The Absolute Sensitivity And Specificity Of Your Assay

Horizon has developed Q-Seq HDx reference standards, a portfolio comprising multiple format samples to support the analysis and validation of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows. This enables you to:

  • Validate your NGS platform and assay
  • Analyze and evaluate variant calling sensitivity
  • Accurately quantify the limit of detection for each variant
  • Utilize the breadth of variants to understand assay specificity

Horizon NGS Controls Oncology Panels

Key Benefits

Profiling of tumor genetics is becoming an increasingly important part of the battle against cancer, and NGS is emerging as a particularly powerful way to quickly and affordably establish baseline tumor genetics.

Platforms such as MiSeq™ and Ion Torrent™ are now routinely used to interrogate tumors using pre-defined cancer panels such as Ampliseq™ or Truseq™. The range of steps involved in NGS workflows, combined with the sheer number of biomarkers being screened, has the potential to create unprecedented levels of variability.

In order to generate results with confidence, it is important to manage these potential sources of variability, from sample extraction and sample selection through to sequencing and variant calling.


Q-Seq reference standards are available in several formats to address specific workflow challenges:

  • Structural multiplex reference standards – copy-number variation variability
  • Tru-Q reference standards – absolute sensitivity variability
  • Gene-specific reference standards – limit of detection measurement
  • Quantitative multiplex reference standards – robustness determination

NGS Controls: Using Reference Standards

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