RNA Fusion Reference Standards

Ensure accuracy in NGS, RT-PCR or RT-qPCR fusion detection assays

Lead the way with reliable, consistent and defined RNA Reference Standards. The RNA Fusion Reference Standards in FFPE are a highly-characterized, biologically-relevant quality control material used to assess the performance of NGS, RT-PCR and RT-qPCR assays aimed at detecting gene fusions. The 5-Fusion Multiplex (Poitive Control) (HD796), contains formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cell-lines verified to contain EML4-ALK, CCDC6-RET, SLC34A2-ROS1, TPM3-NTRK1 and ETV6-NTRK3 fusions.

  • Clinically relevant fusions in ALK, RET, ROS1, NTRK1 and NTRK3, in an FFPE format similar to patient samples
  • Evaluate your workflow integrity from pre-analytical RNA extraction through to fusion detection
  • Optimize and validate new targeted RNA panels and routinely monitor the performance of your assay

RNA Reference Material Specifications

Please note: HD784 (ALK-RET-ROS1 Fusion FFPE RNA Reference Standard) has been replaced by HD796

HD796 5-Fusion Multiplex (Positive Control)

FusionsFormatThicknessMinimum RNA yield/section
Postive for:
1 FFPE section 10µm > 100 ng
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HD783 5-Fusion Multiplex (Negative Control)

FusionsFormatThicknessMinimum RNA yield/section
Negative for:
1 FFPE section 10µm > 100 ng
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Independent Controls

Produced outside of your laboratory, these Reference Standards are manufactured under ISO9001 to ensure their reproducibility and reliability. As the cell lines are either engineered or clonally derived from a fusion background, they provide a renewable source of reference material allowing for a reproducible and consistent external quality control.

Analytical Standard

Reference Standards can be applied to assess analytical variability and reproducibility between platforms, laboratories, operators and assays. Achieve further confidence in your clinical workflow, from extraction to analysis with a defined analytical standard.

Compatible with a broad range of fusion detecting panels

TruSight® Tumor 170
ThermoFisher Scientific
Oncomine™ Focus Assay
Archer™ FusionPlex Panels
FusionPlex Oncology Reaserch Panels
FusionPlex Lung Thyroid Panel
FusionPlex CTL Panel
FusionPlex Solid Tumor Panel
FusionPlex ALK, RET, ROS1 Panel v2 N/A* N/A*
FusionPlex Heme Panel N/A* N/A*
FusionPlex Sarcoma Panel N/A* N/A*
Ovation Fusion Panel Target Enrichment System v2
NanoString Technologies
nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Lung Fusion Panel N/A*

*Targets not included in the fusion panel assay design

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