The industry standard for development and quality control of immunohistochemistry assays


A consistent source of positive and negative reference material on one slide offering of an industry standard for development and quality control of Immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays, directly improving the accuracy and reproducibility.

This range includes the following 5 IHC targets available as both sections mounted on slides and whole FFPE blocks: BRAF V600E, EML4-ALK, ROS1, PD-L1 and HER2.

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  • On-slide control to provide confidence through verification and validation activities
  • Test the analytical (technical) performance of your assay with external controls of precisely defined cell lines that express protein at a range of known levels
  • Establish the practical lower limit of detection of your IHC methodology with validated low protein expressing cells
  • Guide the evaluation of antibodies based on their sensitivity and specificity
Key Features
  • Defined human cell line cores containing positive and negative protein expressing cell lines on the same slide
  • Negative, intermediate and/or strong protein expressing cell lines cores verified using Quantitative Digital Pathology (QDP)
  • An inexhaustible supply of consistent resource material for rare biomarkers
  • Extensively characterized cell lines using molecular assays, IHC, Western Blot and/or FISH
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