Reference Standard formats

Reference Standard formats


Horizon offers a wide range of Reference Standard product formats to make sure our customers can easily access the control material most suited to their latest assay and format of their real clinical samples. Our extensive list of over 100 cell line-derived Reference Standards are provided in 5 different formats, so you can easily match the Referece Standard specifications to your individual workflow requirements.

Our 5 Reference Standard Product Formats:

  • Cell-free DNA
  • FFPE
  • Genomic DNA (gDNA)
  • Formalin Compromised DNA (fcDNA)
  • RNA

Choosing the right product format

It is essential to choose a Reference Standard with a molecular format that closely mimics real samples intended for the workflow under assessment.

  • Please browse our FFPE or formalin compromised DNA (fcDNA) Reference Standards for the validation of workflows that handle formalin-damaged DNA.
  • Please browse our cfDNA Reference Standards for the validation of liquid biopsy workflows that handle fragmented DNA with an average fragment length of 160-170bp.
  • Please browse our RNA Reference Standards for the validation of sequencing assays that start with an RNA input requirement.


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