Custom Reference Standards

Custom Reference Material

For those who want a different specification to those offered in our catalog, our Custom Reference Standards provide you with the option of customizing reference material uniquely into multiple different analytes and formats.

There are two possible routes for us to manufacture your custom reference standard:

Fast-track Custom Reference Standards and Custom Projects

Fast-track Custom Reference StandardsCustom Projects

A cost-effective and flexible option to alter a specification or order a larger quantity of our current catalog

A fully customizable option for a wide range of formats, variants and specifications
Delivery timeframe: <10 weeks Delivery timeframe:  >10 weeks

Variants available:

 Catalog  Variants available:  Any
Flexibility: Configure from pre-existing variants and formats Flexibility:  Fully customizable



>20μg or 5mm block


>20μg or 10mm block


From $4,350


From $10,000

How to order:

Configure Now How to order: 

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Pricing Matrix

Fast-track Custom Reference Standards 

Configure your own Reference Standards from our catalog of building blocks. A Fast-track Custom Reference Standard offers a volume-price purchase of the customizable components of our catalog in a shorter timeframe than a Custom Project. We can manufacture these oncology variants into the formats below, delivered to your laboratory from as little as 10 weeks.

  1. Download our catalog of pre-existing variants
  2. Select from our reference format
  3. Complete an enquiry form


1. Download the catalog of variants available



2. Select reference format(s)

Click on the icons below to be taken to the correct enquiry form. If you are unsure about which format is right for you, contact us.


Genomic DNAGenomic DNA

Avoid the possibility of false-positives and negatives and monitor your assay’s performance with characterized genomic DNA at precise allelic frequencies.

Multiplexed DNAMultiplexed DNA

Fully understand your next generation sequencing assay’s parameters, its run-to-run capabilities and demonstrate the precision of your assay with multiple characterized mutations.

Fragmented DNAFragmented DNA (cfDNA)

Prove the performance of your cell free DNA assay at its lower limit of detection with representative genomic DNA fragmented to 160-170bp.

Formalin Compromised DNAFormalin-compromised DNA

Discover the effect of formalin on your assay’s parameters enabling you to process uncertain FFPE samples with confidence. Low, medium and high treatments available.



Ensure your assay does not fail due to over/underloading of DNA and have confidence in your preanalytical workflow with defined quantities of DNA in FFPE.


Rare biomarkers provide a challenge for RT-qPCR and next generation sequencing validation studies and run-to-run performance monitoring. Using a renewable source of RNA provides you with confidence in your full workflow.

FFPE Chromosome Cell LineFFPE (Chromosome)*

For hard-to-source chromosomal aberrations in Fluorescence in-situ hybridization, reference standards provide a renewable source of reference material to optimize your assay.

FFPE Protein Cell LineFFPE (Protein)*

Fully understand the sensitivity and specificity of your IHC assay with defined cores containing low, medium, high and negative protein expressing cell lines. Quantitative Digital Pathology (QDP) is used to assess the negative and positive cell line cores in the standard.

 *Coming soon to Fast-track, contact us to discuss a custom project.


3. Complete enquiry form(s)

Fast-track Custom Reference StandardsCustom Projects

FFPE Cell Lines (DNA)

  • Choose up to 9 different variants across a wide range of SNPs, InDels and structural variants (SVs)
  • Specify your required allelic frequencies
  • Available as a 5mm or 10mm block

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  • Available as: fragmented, high molecular weight (genomic), formalin-compromised (3 levels of fixation) or blended
  • Choose up to 9 different variants across a wide range of SNPs, InDels and structural variants (SVs)

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  • For all other formats enquiries: IHC, FISH, RNA and cell pellets
  • Looking for something even more unique? Get in touch with our team to discover the possiblities

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About Custom Reference Standards

Advantages of working with Horizon
  • Confidence you’re in safe hands: over 40 completed projects with leading companion diagnostic and platform developers
  • Extensive knowledge of genetic engineering – let us do  the hard work
  • Expert technical support at each step of the journey, our team is available to chat from 9am-10pm GMT Monday-Friday.

Learn how we manufacture our reference standards

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Disclaimer: feasibility on blending is always needed to establish success of a Custom Reference Standard to meet specification. 

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