Custom reference standards

Custom reference standards


If you are looking for a Reference Standard specifically designed for your assay or if you are working with a novel biomarker not currently in our product catalog, we can design and develop a customized Reference Standard according to your exact specifications.

We have a broad range of cell lines available and the capability to introduce almost any mutation if not already available.

There are two ways we can manufacture your custom Reference Standard: 

  • Made-to-Order (MTO) 
  • Fully Customized 

Use our new Custom Design tool to see our full offering, select your exact specifications and get a free, no-obligation quote.


Choose this option if:

  • You are interested in a catalog product but would like to order a different format or allele frequency
  • You would like to order only one allele frequency from one of our cfDNA Reference Standard sets
  • You would like a customized blend that is not offered in our product catalog
  • You want to choose from our standard formats, batch sizes and concentrations

Get a quote using our new Custom Design tool

Fully Customized

Our experienced Custom project team can help you design and manufacture the ideal reference material for your assay.

Choose this option if:

  • You are interested in a novel biomarker, analyte or format
  • You need a custom product that falls outside of our standard options and/or requires development by our highly skilled R&D team

Get a quote using our new Custom Design tool

Working with Horizon

The advantages of choosing to work with Horizon:

  • Our Reference Standards are commutable, derived from human cell lines
  • We offer customized analytical and pre-analytical (extraction, whole-process) controls
  • You can choose from numerous normal and cancer cell lines and an extensive range of clinically relevant variants
  • Our Custom team is highly experienced in developing complex reference material and has delivered close to 1,000 custom projects for leading companion diagnostic companies and platform developers
  • We are your trusted partner - our project team will support and advise you whilst we create the best control for your assay

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Made-to-order or fully customizable?


  • Order a catalog product in a different format or allele frequency
  • Configure a new blend by selecting specific variants, and choose from standard batch sizes, concentrations and formats
  • Choose your variants from our downloadable variant table
  • Available formats: genomic DNA, formalin-compromised DNA, FFPE DNA, FFPE RNA, cell-free DNA in buffer or synthetic plasma
  • Timelines: 6 to 16 weeks (project dependent)

Fully Customizable: 

  • Define the specifications for your ideal reference standard
  • Tell us the variants and formats you need
  • We can produce your product according to your unique requirements
  • Timelines: 12 weeks plus (project dependent)

Our reference materials are developed at the highest standard in line with our accreditation and with extensive scientific expertise and a rich heritage in gene editing.

Whether you are developing, validating or routinely monitoring your diagnostic workflow, our Reference Standards can support you in providing reliable results.

Design your ideal reference material now.

Custom Design Tool

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