Reference Standard applications

Reference Standard applications


Horizon is dedicated to developing high quality cell line-derived Reference Standards to support our customers in a range of challenging applications. This includes the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) assays for the identification of pathogenic mutations across a large number of gene targets at once. In a more simple context, our Single-gene Singleplex Reference Standards are designed to support the use of single variant sequencing applications, such as Sanger and qPCR.

Finally, in response to exciting recent advances in sequencing technology capability, Horizon has developed a pivotal range of high performing cfDNA Reference Standards for use in supporting the roll-out of new Liquid Biopsy applications.

Across all applications, our Reference Standards can be used to achieve faster and more cost-effective completion of assay validation and routine QC monitoring, in addition to giving you confidence of your assay's key performance metrics, such as;

  • Limit of detection
  • Sensitivity and specificity
  • False positive and fase negative error rates
  • Assay Robustness

Choosing the right product for your application

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is becoming increasingly focused on panels of multiple clincially actionable genes. For NGS applications please browse our large multi-gene Reference Standards, such as OncoSpan.

NGS Controls

Horizon has an extensive range of single-gene singlexplex reference standards suitable for Sanger and qPCR applications

Sanger & qPCR Controls

The emergence of Liquid Biopsies for use in cancer research our cfDNA Reference Standards closely mimic patient samples.

Liquid Biopsy Controls

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