Tumor Xenografts

Tumor Xenografts


Developing a new tumor model is time-consuming and requires both significant investment and skilled resources to characterize. Horizon Discovery offers a comprehensive xenograft tumor model growth service, by simply providing your dissociated cells or tissue our state of the art facility enables us to provide characterization of the tumor growth.

Custom Services

What is included:

  • Establish in vivo growth curves
  • Provide histological processing of tissue
  • Sequencing of tumor
  • Conduct efficacy studies (both in-vivo and ex-vivo)
  • Conduct PK and PD to better understand your compound’s efficacy and toxicity development through a quantitative framework

As a result, your model will be fully characterized leaving you well prepared for the next steps in your tumor research. Horizon Discovery offers every service you need for preclinical efficacy assessment, from compound screening, using Horizon’s high-throughput screening service for identifying “hits” to conducting in-vivo efficacy studies. At the end, you will have a fully vetted compound for you to make a well informed decision about moving your compound into the clinic.

You will need to provide the cells or tissue that you require tumor growth for. Study timescales will vary depending on cells or tumor type.


Horizon Discovery has a commitment to using state of the art sterile animal housing and fully trained technicians through:

  • Horizon utilizes state-of-the-art barrier facilities and bioBUBBLE Clean Rooms for housing all PDX mice
  • Use of the TumorImager™ system enables accurate and efficient measurement of subcutaneous tumors
  • Expert technicians follow carefully written and approved SOPs
  • Our highly trained animal technicians (AALAS) adhere to strict humane animal usage policies
  • Horizon’s animal vivarium is AAALAC accredited and holds a PHS assurance number with OLAW for work with all government funded labs

This investment means that we adhere to the highest quality of standards to ensure a pathogen-free facility.

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