Cas9 Accelerate Ribonucleoprotein (RNP)

The latest tool in Horizon’s Microinjection Ready CRISPR Reagent toolbox.

Horizon’s scientists have many years of experience working with nuclease based technology, honed through the design of reagents for hundreds of mouse and rat projects. This deep expertise lets us constantly innovate, resulting in transformational tools such as Cas9 Accelerate RNP.

Cas9 Accelerate RNP allows the CRISPR reagents to forgo the transcription and translation steps traditional Cas9 plasmid and mRNA formats must complete before being activated in the nucleus.

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Figure 1. comparison of approaches to introduce Cas9 to the nucleus

By skipping these steps our reagents stay active in the nucleus for the time required to drive the gene engineering event and don’t linger, and so are able to reduce the risk of off target effects and the generation of mosaic founder animals1.  This approach can also generate your mutation of interest more quickly and efficiently by accelerating the process by which our MI-ready CRISPR reagents become active within the embryo.

Project Founders/Number of Pups Screened 
 Rat, KI 2/86 3/16
 Mouse, Point Mutation 0/11  4/28 
 Mouse, Floxing 1/186(died)  6/64

Comparison of targeted intergration rates among mice and rats born from co-injection of sgRNA, donor and Cas9 in either mRNA or protein format. 

Paired with the added speed and efficiency of Cas9 Accelerate RNP, our Microinjection Ready CRISPR Reagents allow you access to the most expertly-designed, rigorously validated, fast-acting, efficient gene editing tool available.

1 Rapid and highly efficient mammalian cell engineering via Cas9 protein transfection, Liang (


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