Gene Therapy

While gene therapy is not something we do at Horizon Discovery, the scientific community is working hard to take the tools that we're using here for research and apply them in the clinic in the form of gene therapy. As such, there is a lot of effort going into improving both the efficiency and specificity of these systems, and understanding how they work, such that they're safe for use in humans.

This work is something that the research community benefits from in the form of technology improvements, but it's worth bearing in mind that the risks carried by a research scientist are different to that of a gene therapist, and whilst concerns about off target effects are legitimate, that they can often be adequetely controlled through good experimental planning.

Finally, at Horizon we pay close attention to the improvements being made with CRISPR and other gene editing technologies, and will often bring these developments in house for testing and where appropriate integrate them into our work to improve our genome editing services.

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