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SD- Faah tm1sage

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Cryopreserved as heterozygous embryos

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Technical Information
This model contains a biallelic disruption of the Faah gene encoding the fatty acid amide hydrolase. FAAH is a serine hydrolase responsible for the breakdown of endocannabinoids. This model is useful for the study of cannabinoid biology including nociception.

Technical Data

Diet Value
LabDiet #5R24 (RMH2500)
Age Weight Curve

Research Applications

Research Application
• Pain
• Nociception
• Analgesia
• Cannabinoids
Research Area


• Homozygous knockout rats exhibit complete loss of protein
• FAAH KO rats show an increased fear/startle reaction as observed in a functional observational battery (Irwin)
• FAAH KO rats show normal sensitivity to thermal pain via hot plate assay
Background Strain: Sprague Dawley
Figure 1
Faah Knockout Rat - Figure 1
Figure 1: Western blot demonstrating lack of FAAH in FAAH knockout rats.
Brain homogenates were probed with anti-rat FAAH ab54615 (Abcam) at 1:500.
Figure 2
Faah Knockout Rat - Figure 2
Figure 2. Normal thermal sensitivity in FAAH KO rats.
FAAH KO rats display normal sensitivity to thermal pain as measured by hot plate assay.
Additional Information

Additional Information


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