EGFR Gene-Specific Multiplex Reference Standard gDNA

Genomic DNA

The Gene-Specific DNA Reference Standards are a highly-characterized, biologically-relevant quality control material used to assess the performance of NGS assays that detect somatic mutations. These standards are available specifically in either an EGFR Multiplex (12.5% allelic frequency range) or a KRAS Multiplex (16.7% allelic frequency range). With this product you are able to: • Analyze the sensitivity of your assay • Gain certainty of the limit of detection and limit of quantification • Optimize and validate new cancer panels and routinely monitor the performance of your assay

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Technical Information
Next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms give researchers much greater power when profiling tumor samples. However, the use of NGS presents challenges surrounding sample variability, platform bias, and potential failure to detect biomarkers. Horizon’s standards are appropriate for any NGS library preparation including whole-genome, whole-exome, custom capture and targeted amplicon panels. Horizon has developed this Quality-Seq (Q-Seq) NGS Reference Standard range to support the development and continued validation of Next Generation Sequencing platforms. The Gene-Specific Multiplex Reference Standard portfolio covers multiple endogenous SNPs, insertions and deletions at defined allelic frequency ranges. The Gene-Specific Reference Standards cover EGFR or KRAS-specific mutations. These standards may be diluted with a matched wild type while the background mutations remain consistent. The Gene Specific Multiplex Standards are available in genomic DNA and FFPE format, which allows you to validate both the pre-analytical and analytical portion of your workflow. The FFPE format allows you to evaluate and optimize DNA extraction protocols without wasting precious patient samples.

By multiplexing multiple gene-specific mutations in a single standard, the Gene-Specific Multiplex allows researchers to maximize the information obtained from their assay, and confirm that they are able to detect a range of potential mutants in a single gene.

Technical Data

Genes Covered
Allelic Frequencies
Tris-EDTA (10mM Tris-HCl, 1mM EDTA), pH 8.1

Product Information

Verified Mutations
ChromosomeGeneVariantExpected Allelic Frequency, %
7p12EGFRΔE746 - A75012.50%
Presence confirmed in parental cell line
ChromosomeGeneVariantExpected Allelic Frequency, %
Unit Size

General Information

36 months from the date of manufacture
Cell Line Background


Quality Control

Allelic Frequency
Droplet Digital PCR™
Sanger sequencing of locus specific PCR
Agarose gel electrophoresis
Spectrophotometry (A260)
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Certificate of Analysis

Batch ID: gDNA-multiplex
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Batch ID: 34819
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Safety Data Sheet
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