Gene Editing for Immuno-Oncology

Power Your Immune-Oncology Projects with Custom Engineered Immune Cells

Gene-editing in immune cell lines can be challenging due to low targeting efficiency and difficulties in single cell derivation of suspension cells. Horizon has validated 10+ immune cell lines including THP-1, Jurkat and NALM-6 cells for gene-editing projects. CRISPR, rAAV and ZFN gene-editing technologies are available depending on project requirements.

Take advantage of the largest panel of pre-characterized immune cell lines available and benefit from Horizon’s exceptional knowhow and experience in completing over 2,000 gene-editing projects.

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Gene-Editing for Immuno-Oncology Offering

  • Modifications: Knockin, knockout (point mutations, tags and reporter genes)
  • Technologies: CRISPR, rAAV or ZFN depending on project requirements
  • Project types: Standard or Premium
  • Estimated timeline: 13-32 weeks
  • Deliverables: Isogenic cell line pair and a summary report

Cell Lines Including

Cell lineSpeciesCell TypeDisease
TF-1 Human Erythroblast Erythroleukemia
THP-1 Human Monocyte Acute monocytic leukemia
MOLT-4 Human T-lymphoblast Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
NALM-6 Human B-cell Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
KMS-11 Human B-cell precursor Myeloma
K-562 Human Lymphoblast Chronic myelogenous leukemia
Jurkat Human T-lymphocyte Acute T-cell leukemia
J.RT3-T3.5 Human T-lymphocyte Acute T-cell leukemia
H9 Human Cutaneous T-lymphocyte Lymphoma
CCRF-CEM Human T-lymphoblast Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
A20 Mouse B-lymphocyte Reticulum cell sarcoma
Case Study I: Heterozygous CRISPR Knockout in Jurkat Cells

Positive clone with heterozygous knockout was identified by PCR and Sanger sequencing. An 11 bp deletion introducing a premature stop codon at position 51 exists in one allele.


 Case Study II: CRISPR-Mediated Gene Disruption in THP-1 Cells

Following transfection of THP-1 cells with CRISPR targeting reagents directed against two genes, CRISPR mediated disruption of each gene was identified (indicated by *) by Surveyor assay.

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