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Horizon has partnered with DefiniGEN, a leading provider for liver, pancreas, intestinal and lung cells derived from iPSCs utilising their proprietary OptiDiff platform. We have performed genome engineering on the iPS cells, which have then been differentiated by DefiniGEN. The project will initially focus on generation of iPS-based cell lines for research in areas that currently lack high quality disease models.

The OptiDIFF platform was developed from world-leading research undertaken at the University of Cambridge and has been demonstrated on a range of cell types. They have considerable expertise in cryopreservation of notoriously difficult cell types including hepatocytes and pancreatic beta cells with viability verified post-thaw at more than 80%. 

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Axol BioscienceAxol Bioscience

Axol Bioscience specialize in the supply of human cell culture systems and custom services for disease modeling and drug discovery. Their expertise includes induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) generation, iPSC differentiation and custom cell and tissue sourcing. A variety of functionally validated human primary cells and human iPSC-derived cells from both healthy and patient donors alongside culture media and reagents that are tailored to support the optimal growth and maturation of our cells. 

iPSCs are becoming a key component of neuronal and cardiovascular research due to their stability as compared with primary cells, and hence the ability to perform genomic modifications on them. Horizon has partnered with Axol Bioscience Ltd, bringing together Horizon’s precision genome editing capability and Axol’s expertise in iPSC reprogramming and differentiation, in order to provide isogenic lines that can be used to advance drug discovery with increased predictability and translational models. 

Horizon and Axol have worked together to generate matched isogenic pairs of normal and diseased models, encompassing clinically relevant mutations that have been linked to Alzheimer's Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia and Parkinson's Disease, and are provided as differentiated neural stem cells. 

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