Guide RNA design tool

Online tool for custom guide RNA design



Successful CRISPR genome editing relies on the quality of the gRNA design, and that requires the best bioinformatic software. Our CRISPR Design Tool provides an easy-to-use interface for design of guide RNAs to suit nearly every application. The designs may then be ordered as synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA), crRNA, or lentiviral sgRNA.

  • Choose from over 30 species of mammals, insects, fish, plants, and other model organisms
  • Design against protein-coding genes, microRNA, or long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) loci
  • Specificity checking with unmatched rigor to avoid unwanted off-target cleavage
  • Design against an entire gene or a very specific region for knock-in or other HDR applications
  • Input a specific DNA region of interest for novel species or targeting in intergenic space
  • Easily enter and order your own guide RNA design for S. pyogenes or another nuclease

Design Your Guides

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