Cell Line Applications

Horizon Isogenic human cell line pairs provide a model system for the study of the role of genes in cellular processes and drug responses. Cell lines are provided with a matched wild type control parental cell line ensuring phenotypes can be attributed directly to the requested genetic modification(s). Some common uses of cell lines are:

  • Study loss or gain of function mutations at the endogenous level
  • Initiate target identification and validation studies
  • Identify responsive or resistant patient populations in a human cell line model
  • Analyse expression, protein interactions and localization using endogenously tagged genes

These models complement and surpass non isogenic cell lines where findings are difficult to understand due to the absence of a normal control cell.

Using Horizon Cell Lines for Functional Studies
Cell line applications

Olaparib sensitivity in normal and BRCA2 (-/-) Knockout Cell Lines; Cell Lines allow the role of specific genes to be studied without the influence of other factors.

The data shown demonstrates the sensitivity of BRCA2 knockout cell lines to Olaparib, a PARP inhibitor compared to Gemcitabine a chemotherapy drug.

Differential sensitivities to EGFR inhibitors in normal and EGFR Knockin Cell Lines; Isogenic cell lines allow the role of specific genes to be studied without the influence of other factors. The data above shows the anti-proliferative effects of the EGFR inhibitors gefitinib and erlotinib on cell lines containing different engineered EGFR mutants [EGFR ∆E746-A750; EGFR L858R, EGFR T790M] in 96hr proliferation assays.

Finding Your Ideal Cell Line

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