Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Revolutionizing bioproduction with disruptive approaches to ensure that companies of any size can access cutting edge tools

Bioproduction philosophy

CHO Revolution

Bioproduction cell lines should not be cost prohibitive and should be independent of other manufacturing considerations. Improving access to the best technology should ultimately benefit the patient by reducing the costs of drug production. At Horizon, we are using innovative commercial and scientific approaches to revolutionize biomanufacturing, improving access to cutting edge cell lines, and enabling more companies to reduce their cost of biotherapeutic manufacturing.

In partnership with industrial and academic partners, and with grant support from the UK government, we have embarked on an extensive and ambitious R&D programme to use genome editing on an unprecedented scale to modify our CHO SOURCE GS null platform. This approach will lead to the generation of a series of continually improved cell lines, to further advance the bioproduction capability of CHO cells.

By reducing the risk and cost of manufacturing biotherapeutics we aim to put the patient at the forefront of biotherapeutic considerations. Even with new, more potent technologies and an increasingly well-trodden path to biosimilar licensing, biologics are significantly more expensive to prescribe than traditional therapeutics. We hope that by investing in improving the cell factories that produce these therapeutics we will be able to significantly reduce manufacturing costs. This will then enable smaller production runs to become economically viable, critical in an increasingly fragmented market driven by the need for ever more personalized medicine.

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