Engineer your optimum host

Engineer your optimum host

Custom servicesWe provide a service that enables custom optimization of CHO expression platforms. This allows you to direct the manipulation of the CHO genome to suit your specific requirements.

We have successfully engineered thousands of cell lines, including direct experience of CHO. Not only have we generated our own knockout cell line, but we have extensive experience of handling proprietary cell lines. With dedicated lab space and enhanced SOPs to ensure the highest standards, we have become a trusted partner for large pharma and for biotechs wishing to engineer their CHO cells.

We are uniquely placed to provide a range of engineering possibilities. We are truly technology agnostic, and with our wealth of experience in rAAV and nuclease genome editing technologies including CRISPR, we have the flexibility to make almost any modification you may require, ranging from point mutations to large scale translocations. Projects can be based on a cell line provided to us or on one of our commercially available lines, and can be structured in different ways depending on budgetary requirements.

custom bioproduction services

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