Access to the best manufacturing cell lines should not be cost prohibitive and should be designed without manufacturing handcuffs

Using our GS null CHO SOURCE biomanufacturing platform as a foundation, we are ensuring access to cutting edge CHO cells for companies of all sizes.

We provide products and services that aim to revolutionize the production of large molecule therapeutics, to improve the ability of any company to manufacture its biologics pipeline.

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Ranging from proof of concept studies using CRISPR to the generation of manufacturing ready cell lines with a clear IP situation from the use of rAAV, we provide engineering services on your cells.

This enables you to customise your bioproduction cell line, whether you're removing a troublesome HCP or engineering improvements to your parental line.

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Bioproduction cell lines should not be cost prohibitive and should be provided under flexible terms that do not restrict the use of the cells.

Improving access to the best technology should ultimately benefit the patient by reducing the costs of drug production.

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A selection of resources to assist you in your Bioproduction manufacturing process including product sheets and technical data.

Download supporting documents for our GS null CHO SOURCE biomanufacturing platform, protocols and safety information.

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