ALK-RET-ROS1 Fusion RNA Reference Standard



The ALK-RET-ROS1 targeted FFPE RNA Fusion Reference Standards are a highly-characterized, biologically-relevant quality control material used to assess the performance of NGS, RT-PCR and RT-qPCR assays aimed at detecting gene fusions. Each section contains formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) cell line multiplex verified to contain EML4-ALK (Variant 1), CCDC6-RET and SLC34A2-ROS1 fusions.

With this product you are able to:
• Evaluate your workflow integrity from pre-analytical RNA extraction through to fusion detection
• Optimize and validate new targeted RNA panels and routinely monitor the performance of your assay
• Assess analytical variability and reproducibility between platforms, laboratories, operators and assays and hence achieve further confidence in your clinical workflow
• Highly homogeneous cell suspension that yields a consistent and reproducible quantity of RNA that enables effective end-to-end process validation

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Technical Information
Highly-characterized, biologically-relevant quality control material used to assess the performance of NGS, RT-PCR and RT-qPCR assays

Technical Data

Genes Covered
EML4-ALK (Variant 1), CCDC6-RET and SLC34A2-ROS1
Cosmic ID
COSF463 (EML4-ALK); COSF1272 (CCDC6-RET); COSF1197 (SLC34A2-ROS1)
Fixation Method
10% Formalin
Section Size

Product Information

Intended Use
For routine performance monitoring (Research Use Only)
Unit Size
1 FFPE Section

General Information

12 months from the date of manufacture

Quality Control

Extractable RNA / Expected Yield
≥ 100 ng RNA per section using the Maxwell 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit from Promega
Biomarker-specific mRNA amplifiability
Presence of EML4-ALK (Variant 1), CCDC6-RET and SLC34A2-ROS1 RNA fusion transcripts confirmed by endpoint RT-PCR
TATA-binding protein (TBP) mRNA amplifiability control
RNA expression confirmed by endpoint RT-PCR
Qubit RNA HS kit from ThermoFisher as per manufacturer’s instructions
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Certificate of Analysis

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Documents & Related Literature

Gene Editing Sequence File
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