Patents & Intellectual Property

Horizon places great value on intellectual property, both in terms of generating novel patents internally as well as in-licensing important technology that enable our business.

We control a broad array of patents through our licensing activities and have numerous patent applications pending throughout the world. The company holds a number of technology licenses which pertain to our gene editing products, cell lines, and services.

Gene Editing Patents and Licenses

CRISPR Licenses

We also have multiple commercial licenses to important patent portfolios related to CRISPR/Cas9 technology for a variety of applications, including non-exclusive licenses from The Broad Institute, Harvard University and ERS Genomics.

Exclusive rAAV License

Within the gene editing research field, Horizon has an exclusive worldwide license to use rAAV from the University of Washington, making us the only company authorized to utilize this technology commercially.

ZFN Licenses

Horizon also has a worldwide exclusive license from Sigma-Aldrich for use of ZFN technology in engineering mice, rats, and rabbits, and the company has a non-exclusive license to use ZFN technology for gene editing services and derivation of cell line products (excluding bio-production).

Cell Line Licenses

Via the acquisition of Haplogen Genomics GmbH in 2014 Horizon has an exclusive world-wide position in the creation of human haploid cell lines using gene editing methods and their deployment with CRISPR/Cas9 in a high-throughput cell line manufacturing and screening process. With regard to cell line products, the company has entered into a number of licenses with many academic institutions for access to unique cell lines made by researchers at these institutions. Among those institutions are The Whitehead Institute, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Minnesota, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Maryland, Yokohama University, and the Ludwig Institute. Horizon also has an agreement with ATCC for use and distribution of several ATCC lines and their derivatives.

Finally, we also have technology licenses from Stanford University, Evrogen, and Promega for technologies that provide enhancements to our portfolio of gene editing products and services.

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