Horizon is pleased to announce an expansion of its UK-based headquarters.

The new facility at 8100 Cambridge Research park is situated directly opposite their current headquarters and will accommodate up to 200 staff across manufacturing, research and administration functions.  The move is anticipated to take place in May 2016. 

Associated risks with the move are foreseen to be low and a detailed transition plan is in place; including:

  • Recertification of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 will be taking place in May 2016 for Reference Standard products.  This includes auditing the change of premises and hence the QMS certificates will be issued with the new location
  • The building and new equipment will be commissioned by the service providers and includes climate controls and fume hoods.
  • During the transfer of equipment checks will be made to ensure their integrity. Any defects or issues will be recorded and appropriate action taken.
  • For Reference Standards, retesting of a selection of previously verified materials will be conducted to confirm that there is no change in set up between facilities.
  • The first batches produced in the new facility will be examined carefully to ensure no new issues have been introduced.

Should you have any specific queries relating to the move of premises, please contact us.  In the meantime please continue to address correspondence to the current address (7100 Cambridge Research Park) until a further notice.

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