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Genomics - X-MAN® Cell Lines

Genomics - X-MAN® Cell Lines

Horizon enters agreement with ThermoFisher

This new agreement will help to expand Horizon’s reach, and means ThermoFisher will market and distribute Horizon’s X-MAN human haploid and diploid isogenic cell line collection and will offer Horizon’s X-MAN haploid cell line generation service to its worldwide customer base.

Horizon and Abcam sign agreement for use of cell lines to validate antibodies

The golden standard for antibody validation is the use of knockout cell lines. Abcam are now using Horizon’s human diploid and haploid cell line collection in their antibody validation, providing researchers an enhanced level of confidence in their products.

On-demand haploid point mutations

Cell lines bearing defined point mutations represent attractive disease models. Horizon is expanding its haploid cell line on-demand service to include point mutations, meaning that Horizon’s customers will be able to perform cutting edge gain-of-function analyses more rapidly and cost effectively than ever before.

Horizon and DefiniGEN announce collaboration to develop gene-engineered iPS-based cell lines

Through this collaboration, Horizon will perform genome engineering on the iPS cells, which will then be differentiated by DefiniGEN. The project will initially focus on generation of ten iPS-based cell lines for research in areas that currently lack high quality disease models.

Horizon Discovery Group plc and Axol Bioscience Ltd announce strategic partnership

Horizon and Axol have announced that they have formed a strategic partnership for the delivery of off-the-shelf and on-demand genomically modified and differentiated iPS cells. The relationship brings together Horizon’s precision genome editing capability and Axol’s expertise in iPSC reprogramming and differentiation to provide isogenic cell lines for neuronal and cardiovascular disease research.

Coming in 2016 - The Inaugural HaploDay

Horizon will be organizing a one day workshop focused on the application of haploid cells in research. It will bring together world leaders in genome engineering from around the globe at our Vienna site for a user-group style meeting of 100-150 researchers.

If you’re interested in attending please:    Register your interest

Recent Launches

Phosphoinositide metabolism cell line collection Gene Editing Services in iPS Cells

Genomics - SAGE® In Vivo Models

Genomics - SAGE® In Vivo Models

Efficacy Studies in Horizon’s highly characterized PDX Models Now Available

Horizon has recently begun offering efficacy studies in our collection of highly characterized, deeply sequenced, patient-derived xenografts. Featuring nearly 25 models, this is the most comprehensive collection of breast cancer PDX available.

50% off breeding licenses for knockout rat models

Horizon's catalog of SAGE® Knockout Rat models contains some of the most novel, predictive, and translational animal models available. And now, to make these models more accessible to academic researchers, we are offering a 50% discount on breeding licenses.

Recent Launches

Optogenetics Rat Models

Diagnostics - HDx™ Reference Standards

Diagnostics - HDx™ Reference Standards

Horizon launches early access program for lung RNA multiplex FFPE standards

Horizon developed an RNA multiplex FFPE Reference Standard targeting EML4-ALK (Variant 1), CCDC6-RET and SLC43A2-ROS1 translocations paired with a wild-type control. These standards provide a robust tool for optimization, validation and routing monitoring and are a first of their kind. The Lung Multiplex has proved essential for laboratories validating their OncoMine™ panel.

Horizon provides an educational symposia series in India

In collaboration with the European Molecular Quality Network (EMQN) and the Molecular Oncology Society (MOS) of India, and aiming to improve pathology practices, Horizon delivered four seminars in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The real operational, economic and healthcare benefits possible, the importance of proficiency testing and use of reference standards as independent external controls in molecular diagnostics were discussed with over 200 laboratories.

Horizon Discovery partners with Swift Biosciences on genomic reference standards for NGS oncology applications

Swift will include Horizon’s HDx Quantitative Multiplex Reference Standard material as a positive control in its trial-size oncology panel, allowing users to validate the panel for use for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications in their lab. 

Horizon Publishes Joint Poster with Illumina and CRUK at the 2015 Association for Molecular Pathology Meeting

An intra and inter site comparative study of cell line-based reference materials using complex NGS platforms to transfer a technology into routine practice

Recent Launches

IHC and FISH Reference Standards in FFPE block format Cell-free DNA Reference Standards RNA multiplex early access

Research Services - Pathfinder

Research Services - Pathfinder & Leveraged Business

Horizon to in-license novel kinase inhibitor programme from Servier

Horizon has in-licensed novel kinase inhibitors from Servier that exhibit great promise based on pre-clinical data for treatment of a range of cancer types but do not currently have a biomarker to define a sensitive patient population. Horizon will use its world-leading platform, comprising isogenic cell lines and in vivo models, CRISPR-Cas9 mediated gene editing technology and ultra-high-throughput combination screening, to identify the population of cancer patients most likely to respond to the in-licensed compounds, whether as single agents or in combinations with other drugs. Horizon also has the option to explore the use of the inhibitors in other therapeutic indications.

Horizon announces collaboration with Redx Pharma to progress novel pan-RAF inhibitor program

As part of the collaboration, Horizon will deploy its proprietary gene editing, cell line and drug discovery technology platforms and know how to help explore the mode of action of Redx’s pan-RAF inhibitors and support Redx as it seeks to rapidly move this rare class of compounds towards partnering.

Horizon to invest up to £10 Million to identify next generation molecular cancer therapeutics

This targeted investment will be used to define novel drug targets and early stage New Chemical Entities (NCEs)/New Biological Entities (NBEs) that could lead to the discovery of novel cancer drug candidates across many different oncology indications. Horizon will be seeking early partnerships for these programmes with therapeutic-focused companies.

Recent Launches

Genetic screening in haploid cell lines whole-genome CRISPR screening service

Bioproduction - CHOsource

Bioproduction - CHOsource

Horizon partners with DNA provider to offer vectors alongside Bioproduction cell lines

Horizon has partnered with two leading vector companies, DNA 2.0 and Proteonic to evaluate technology relating to improving expression of biotherapeutic products in our GS null cell line. By taking this approach we are able to further support our customers and provide an entire integrated cell line expression platform, including expression vectors. This will improve our bioproduction offering, increasing the breadth of our customer base.

Horizon launches a cell line development service for biosimilar proteins

This will utilise our GS null CHO K1 platform to generate high titre stable pools or clones of biosimilar expressing cells for our clients. We have been commissioned to develop an antibody and a glycoprotein biosimilar as a pilot project for a customer in India. There will be a period of exclusivity in India, but these biosimilar expressing lines will be available for licensing to the Rest of the World. We are also generating substantial interest from other parties to develop further lines, and expect to develop a further 20-30 biosimilar products for release outside India.  

Horizon enters Bioproduction cell line licensing agreement with LakePharma

This first commercial licensing of Horizon's Bioproduction cell lines is validation of Horizon’s model of providing access to cutting edge bioproduction cells under flexible licensing terms.

Horizon enters next phase of CHOsource GS Null Bioproduction cell line release

We are pleased to announce that GMP expansion and banking of our Bioproduction cell line will be complete before the end of 2015. Investment in this level of quality assurance demonstrates Horizon’s commitment to releasing a fully compliant cell line.  

Recent Launches

Bioproduction cell line under flexible licensing model

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

2015 Cell Biology ASCB annual meeting | 12th - 16th December 2015
Horizon Discovery | Booth #602 

ASCB2015 Tech Talk: Genome editing in human cells using CRISPR/Cas technology (13th December 2015 at 16:15(PST)) - Register Here

By the time scientists arrive at the San Diego Convention Center in December 2015, an estimated 40,000 papers on cell biology will have been published since the 2014 meeting. Even more data will be available on imaging, protein structures, genomics, gene expression, and more. Our challenge is to convert this information into meaningful knowledge to understand how cells work.

The 2015 ASCB meeting overarching theme is about making connections at different scales, from the intracellular level to the tissue level, to the organism level all the way up to the macrocosmic level, all in the light of big data and information integration. This integration will help us ask the right questions and find answers to the challenging problems in medicine, living systems, and ecosystems.

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SLAS2016 5th Annual international conference and exhibition | 23rd - 27th January 2016 
Horizon Discovery | Booth #542

Dynamic industries attract dynamic people. SLAS is proud to be a valued community for more than 18,000 life science research and development professionals from across the globe, including scientists, technology providers, researchers, academics and students, engineers, informatics specialists, and business leaders.

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The Molecular Medicine Tri Conference 2016 | 6th - 11th March 2016
Horizon Discovery | Booth #407 & #607

Attracting over 3,300 drug discovery and development professionals from over 40 countries in 2015, the Tri-Conference has grown into a diverse event, focusing on Molecular Medicine, specifically on Discovery, Genomics, Diagnostics and Information Technology.

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AACR annual meeting 2016 | 16th - 20th April 2016
Horizon Discovery | Booth #212

The AACR Annual Meeting 2016 will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana from April 16-20, with exhibit dates April 17-20. Exhibitors include a wide array of companies with the latest in products and services in laboratory and clinical research. The exhibits, located adjacent to the poster sessions, make a significant contribution to the educational value of the meeting. Special areas of interest include the AACRcentral, Non-Profit section, Publisher’s Row, and the AACR Advocacy Partners Pavilion.

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