American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) 2017

Location: Washington DC, USA


The Annual AACR Meeting once again was a successful meeting for Horizon Discovery with an all-encompassing program with topics ranging from the unexploited capacity of basic research for uncovering cures for cancer to the synthetic biology revolution for improving sensitivity and specificity of cancer detection and treatment.

The prominent messages consistent through numerous sessions were:

  • The need to combine cancer genetics and ‘omic techniques with cancer immunology in a marriage which has the capability of achieving great things from earlier diagnosis to clearing of these lesions.
  • Molecular monitoring throughout cancer evolution using cell-free DNA analysis for more informed cancer treatment decisions.
  • Use of CRISPR-Cas9 screening for successfully dissecting signalling pathways for crucial validating and invalidating drug targets and for identification of highly sensitive patient populations allowing clear stratification.

Over the 4 day exhibition we were able to meet with so many of you to discuss how we can work together with you in this space and received positive feedback following our Meet the Expert presentations. The green screen postcards were a huge hit as you can see from our photo!

Green Screen AACR 2017

We look forward to seeing how this field progresses in the next year. See you in Chicago for AACR 2018!

If you couldn’t make it to AACR 2017 but would like to talk please get in touch.

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