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Founded in February 2005 by Dr Chris Torrance and Professor Alberto Bardelli, Horizon Discovery Limited (Horizon) has been built upon a 20 year heritage in oncology research, translational medicine and gene-editing. This heritage was the basis of Horizon’s expertise in translational genomics, which led to the development of rAAV gene-editing, a proprietary genome-editing platform based on the stimulation of homologous recombination. By exploiting a cell’s natural means of repairing its own DNA in an error-free manner, rAAV enables the precise insertion, deletion, substitution of a desired DNA sequence into any endogenous gene loci in any mammalian cell.

In 2013, Horizon expanded its gene-editing footprint by licensing nuclease technology, which given its ability to generate gene knockouts efficiently and cost effectively, has proven highly complementary to rAAV. These two gene-editing technologies together make up Horizon's industry leading gene-editing platform GENESIS™. Horizon has used GENESIS™ to create over 500 X-MAN™ (gene-X Mutant And Normal) isogenic cell lines (with more being developed continually), the world’s first source of genetically-defined and patient-relevant human cellular models. These disease models comprise two cell lines that are identical except for the targeted modification, allowing for the accurate study of normal vs. diseased biology, the identification or validation of novel drug targets, or the identification, development and prescription of targeted or ‘personalized’ medicines.

In addition to X-MAN™ cell lines, Horizon provides a range of products and services based on GENESIS™ and X-MAN™, with applications in: bio-pharmaceutical process optimization; clinical diagnostic development; drug discovery & development; and the provision of reference standards for genomics-based clinical research platforms.

Horizon’s strength lies in its science and translational research knowledge. This expertise, combined with best-in-class post-genomic products and services, allows the company to provide meaningful solutions to customer challenges. In recognition of the company's success, Horizon was presented the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2012. 


Horizon's CSO Chris Torrance (left) and CEO Darrin Disley (center) being presented with the Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2012 by Lord-Lieutenant Hugh Duberly (right)   

Explore the site or contact us to learn more about how Horizon can support your research.


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